Cieffe31 carries out efficiency and effectiveness tests of the products of the AquaVisionFriend family on surfaces to be treated.

In order to guarantee perfect results on stone or customers' specific surfaces, Cieffe 31 carries out tests of surface protection efficiency and subsequent removal of soiling agents (in general provided by customers in order to ensure maximum objectivity). Only after a process documented and approved by the customer can the protective technology be applied. The results in terms of cost savings are always surprising and can vary significantly depending on the value of the surface to be protected.

To test the product on photovoltaic installations, the cells can already be installed. Portions of the installation are selected on average no less than 300 kW, where the nanotechnological compound is applied, enabling the comparison of treated and non-treated arrays of panels. This test enables us to monitor over time the differential in performance of the two portions of the same photovoltaic installation in the same atmospheric and environmental conditions. This provides customers with a precise evaluation, in terms of cost and ROI. Cieffe31 has devised an ROI evaluation method on a 20 year basis using data specific to each photovoltaic installation, assuming application of AquaVisionFriend, and depending on the installation's location, its kW produced, the incentivised tariff it is subject to and the destination of the energy produced (if it is sold in full or self-consumed and under what conditions).
AquaVisionFriend is mainly used in the CONSTRUCTION and PHOTOVOLTAIC sectors, with extraordinary results and advantages:

CONSTRUCTION: Buildings are increasingly being constructed with vast glass and marble surfaces. The maintenance costs associated with these surfaces are particularly high due to cleaning needs, in some cases necessary several times a year. AquaVisionFriend products enable you to significantly reduce these maintenance costs since after treatment, surface cleaning needs are drastically reduced. Furthermore, this treatment visibly improves glass's characteristics but does not even minimally alter its reflectivity or transparency; on marble the treatment creates a protective layer against environmental pollutants and facilitates removal of graffiti.
Subsequent cleaning can be done simply with water, thus eliminating the need for any type of detergent, a positive aspect for the environment.

PHOTOVOLTAICS: producing electricity with photovoltaic panels today is an ensured source of income and is considered a valid alternative to traditional sources of electricity. Having a clean installation is a fundamental premise to obtaining higher yields. The application of AquaVisionFriend on photovoltaics panels allows a 2% to 4% improvement in performance, depending on radiation conditions and the position of the various sites. In addition to increasing energy production due to the maintenance of cleaner panel surfaces, AquaVisionFriend enables users to obtain an increase in power of approximately one percent on an installation's rating, due to lower dispersion of solar rays for effect of the nanotechnology molecule. Thus overall the application of AquaVisionFriend in photovoltaics provides for an increase ranging from 3% to 5% in energy produced, depending on the installation's conditions.

Eco sustainability also means living in an environment in which smaller quantities of detergents are disposed of; this means avoiding these cleaning steps, and not using substances that are toxic for man and nature for the entire life cycle of the panel. All this leads to an immediate reduction in consumption and fewer CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
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