Cieffe31 is proud to present AquaVisionFriend, a family of state-of-the-art nanotechnologies ideal for the construction and photovoltaic industries. AquaVisionFriend keeps glass and stone surfaces clean, enhances their efficiency and protects them from external agents. The family of AquaVisionFriend products has been developed using a silicon dioxide base; these products are certified, patented and are unique on the market.
Cieffe31 was founded with the goal of using and spreading the innovative nanotechnology AquaVisionFriend, a system which enables users to obtain significant results in terms of protecting stone and glass surfaces in general, improving energy efficiency and promoting sustainable development. Following the first phase of research and experimentation in various fields of application, Cieffe31's products have proven to be unique on the market and particularly effective in the construction and energy sectors. Cieffe31 holds training courses at customers' facilities to train specialized and certified technicians to properly and efficiently use its products. Our company's intense focus on personalized customer service entails a detailed investment plan provided by Cieffe for each application, clearly demonstrating results and advantages. In terms of environmental protection, Cieffe31 is always at the forefront of providing eco-sustainable solutions particularly for the construction and energy sectors.
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