Cieffe31 is proud to present AquaVisionFriend, a family of state-of-the-art nanotechnologies ideal for the construction and photovoltaic industries. AquaVisionFriend keeps glass and stone surfaces clean, enhances their efficiency and protects them from external agents. The family of AquaVisionFriend products has been developed using a silicon dioxide base; these products are certified, patented and are unique on the market.
INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION: with a specially designed machine to apply AquaVisionFriend at the end of the production line, with increased performance and productivity results and low investment costs. The procedure can be done in various phases of the production cycle given the rapidity of the curing process. The ideal temperature for application is the one normally found at work places.
APPLICATION AT EXISTING SITES: the treatment is applied with a mobile unit that uses a machine similar to the industrial one, or special manual devices that enable the application of AquaVisionFriend in ideal conditions. Thus a very similar result to the industrial treatment can be obtained. In this case, for optimal treatment, the effects of weather conditions and temperature in particular should be taken into account.
APPLICATION BY THE CUSTOMER: by participating in specific training courses and obtaining a certificate of qualification, customers may have their own personnel, duly trained by Cieffe31 technicians who periodically hold training sessions on-site at facilities' offices, apply AquaVisionFriend.
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