Cieffe31 is proud to present AquaVisionFriend, a family of state-of-the-art nanotechnologies ideal for the construction and photovoltaic industries. AquaVisionFriend keeps glass and stone surfaces clean, enhances their efficiency and protects them from external agents. The family of AquaVisionFriend products has been developed using a silicon dioxide base; these products are certified, patented and are unique on the market.
AquaVisionFriend has many applications: in the energy sector it is used mainly for photovoltaics and concentrated solar thermal collectors using parabolic mirrors; in the construction sector, from curtain walls to simple windows; and in road safety sectors and related services such as tunnel lighting, outdoor video surveillance systems, SOS highway help points, etc. AquaVisionFriend Marble&Stone can be applied to marble or stone wall coverings and street furniture.
  • In the construction sector - applying this nanotechnology to glass leads to immediate and visible results both in terms of aesthetics as well as cost. Treated surfaces immediately improve from an aesthetic point of view, appearing brighter and cleaner and requiring significantly less cleaning, thus enabling customers to recover the cost of the AquaVisionFriend application in an average of 4 years. In addition it can also be cleaned merely using water, thus making an important contribution to reducing the use of detergents and chemical cleaning products.
  • On marble and stone - the use of nanotechnology protects surfaces from environmental pollutants (i.e. smog, metallic oxides iron dust generated by streetcars and the like) as well as vandalism (graffiti, etc.) by enabling easy and efficient removal, without in any way damaging the surface underneath, as occurs with mechanical removal. Thus AVF-M enables more efficient maintenance of buildings, improves their qualitative appearance and drastically reduces maintenance costs (just as an example, consider the cost of replacing marble or stone coverings due to their reduced thickness or indelible soiling).
  • In photovoltaics - applying this nanotechnology immediately increases power by over one percent with a consequent increase in energy production (see charts n. 1 and 2); it reduces or completely eliminates (depending on environmental conditions) cleaning costs of modules thanks to AquaVisionFriend's grid which prevents dirt from adhering to the glass; improved efficiency due to non-reduction of energy production between one cleaning and the next; and the treatment's essentially unlimited lifespan, comparable to the average lifespan of the module itself.
  • For road safety services - using AquaVisionFriend for road safety services (mainly road lighting, SOS help points and video surveillance devices) considerably reduces operation costs (less energy required to produce light if the lights are cleaner); it improves the work environment as it does not require frequent maintenance in difficult and dangerous conditions (for example maintenance in tunnels).
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