Cieffe31 is proud to present AquaVisionFriend, a family of state-of-the-art nanotechnologies ideal for the construction and photovoltaic industries. AquaVisionFriend keeps glass and stone surfaces clean, enhances their efficiency and protects them from external agents. The family of AquaVisionFriend products has been developed using a silicon dioxide base; these products are certified, patented and are unique on the market.
The nanotechnology forming the basis of AquaVisionFriend's family of products is a silicon dioxide-based compound with innovative characteristics which protect against external agents without being adversely affected by the ageing effects of UV rays.

The compound is completely transparent and can be easily applied to glass surfaces (see charts n. 4 and 5), thus preventing the diffraction grating from being damaged and at the same time leaving the transparency of the surface to which it is applied completely unaltered.
AquaVisionFriend provides signficant savings in terms of cleaning costs for all glass surfaces, which are by now an essential component of modern construction as well as a fundamental part of photovoltaic module construction. An additional important advantage is provided specifically for photovoltaics: improved efficiency, along with an increase in modules' nominal power.
An AquaVisionFriend treatment produces a permanent, 0.8 micron (µm) thick stable and permanent protective film on the glass surface. The perfect integration of silicon contained in the glass and the nanotecnologie's silicon dioxide ensures a duration comparable to that of the glass itself. The thinness of the product's layer and its integration with the glass surface prevents any type of peeling phenomenon.

Metals and windows protection
Nanotechnology Aqua Vision Friend proved to be specifically effective in protecting windows and doors, and metals in general. Several tests brought the evidence of the high degree of protection guaranteed against discoloration caused by chemical and atmospheric agents such as metallic oxides, pollution, and the oxidation processes. Aqua Vision Friend application on panted and pre-painted metals provided exceptional results proving to be rust-proof as well.

Aqua Vision Friend – Marble & Stone
AVF-M creates a water-repellant layer on wall, marble and stone surfaces that not only lasts over time, but enables the removal of spray paint and prevents or minimizes absorption of marking pens and ink. AVF-M causes neither crumbling nor alteration in the short or long term.
Treated surfaces remain essentially unaltered.
AVF-M does not allow ink or other soiling agents in general to penetrate the substrata to which it has been applied. It thus facilitates removal using chemicals instead of mechanical means (for example sanding).
Once AVF-M is applied, graffiti, ink, etc. can be eliminated using Removers, products from the AVF family specifically designed for easy and complete cleaning of surfaces previously treated with AVF-M.

Cieffe 31 offers two types of Removers:
  • mild”, appropriate for use in most cases for cleaning spots that are not extremely aggressive and for removal of most types of ink
  • strong” for the most difficult spots
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